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An Open Letter to Consumers from NY CPM, Inc.

March 24, 2020

Dearest Advocate,


As you may or may not be aware, even outside of this time of pandemic panic, New York is severely lacking maternity care providers. The current US maternity care system is failing and New York is leading the way with unprecedented morbidity and mortality. Many counties have limited or no access to midwifery or obstetric care, areas referred to as maternity graveyards. Though licensure of the Certified Professional Midwife(CPM) is not the only answer, it is surely a large step in the right direction. The CPM is nationally recognized and specializes in community maternity care, including community birth (home/birth center) and is perfectly poised to join the front lines in times of crisis, both chronic and critical.

Almost thirty years ago the original Midwifery Practice Act (MPA) became statute. This law not only excluded the CPM making it a felony for any CPM to practice midwifery but also included title protection of the title ‘midwife,’ ultimately rendering the CPM obsolete. As you read this statement, two New York CPMs are being persecuted leaving those who prefer the care of CPMs, generally for cultural reasons, with two choices, hospital birth or unassisted birth, neither of which truly a choice but a forced necessity. We firmly believe all midwives are valuable, but that consumers would greatly benefit from the culturally competent and proven SAFE care of CPMs.   

What can YOU do? We urge you, the consumer, to contact Governor Andrew Cuomo and demand the immediate licensure of the Certified Professional Midwife via an executive order to enact the Unified Midwifery Practice Act, a bill proposal currently with Assembly Member Gottfried, OR by demanding an amendment to the current regulations removing the masters education requirement and accepting the nationally recognized North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) exam, thus allowing CPMs to practice midwifery under the current statute.

This is not only an issue for those giving birth, but a human rights issue and we, NYCPM, Inc. implore YOU, the consumer, to demand more provider options, specifically those specializing in community maternity care. Included is a statement if you would prefer, and please be sure to sign this petition and then share it widely.

Fax is best @ 518-474-1513 (many free apps exist) or use any contact here.


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In Gratitude, 

The Board of NYCPM, Inc cc


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NY CPM, Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)(4), organization with a mission to expand midwifery licensure in New York State to include the Certified Professional Midwife as an independent practitioner.

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